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Egg Freezing


Egg Freezing

Planning For Tomorrow Begins Today

Regardless of how long you plan on freezing your eggs or just curious to learn more, our experts are by your side. Schedule an assessment, discuss your options and get started today. This assessment is typically covered by most major insurance plans.

The Her Serenity Process

One two-week cycle from medication to egg retrieval may be the foundation for your family’s future. Two or more cycles may be necessary to retrieve eggs. While each experience is unique, the steps typically remain the same.


Egg Freezing Assessment

Get started with an assessment to learn more about your fertility and your options. This is a one on one private consultation to understand your goals, test your fertility hormones and take an ultrasound of your ovaries. This assessment is typically covered by most major insurance plans.


Personalized Plan

Discuss your results with our expert reproductive endocrine specialists. Together, you will form a personal plan designed specific to you and your family planning goals.


Stimulation Process (Typically 2 weeks)

With the support of our experts, you will be given at-home hormone injections designed to stimulate your ovaries and the production of eggs. This process typically takes 10-14 days and is monitored through routine follow-ups, scans and blood tests to monitor your body’s response.

Once your hormones and follicles are at optimal levels, our fertility specialists will issue a trigger injection and your eggs will begin the ovulation cycle/process. This is typically 36-48 hours before your egg retrieval.


Egg Retrieval (Typically after 2 weeks)

This 10-15 minute sedation period will allow our specialists to collect your eggs. Your eggs are both evaluated and cryopreserved by our team of embryologists immediately after.

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